Renewable Energy

AL Diwan United is the pioneering company in Syria to introduce solar power solutions to the Local market.

We have successfully delivered several solar projects with a total capacity of 2MW since 2008 in partnership with reputable international companies specialized in the production of solar systems components.

Our scope of delivery covers:

  • On Grid, Off Grid, and Hybrid Solar Systems
  • Solar Pumping Systems
  • Wind Turbines
  • Bio Gas Collection Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Stations
  • Energy Storage

AL Diwan United is distinguished by its’ engineering team who enjoy an outstanding expertise in the design, built, and operation of renewable energy systems, by employing up to date tools and best practices in the process.

Moreover, our integrated financial and technical consultancy service can provide you with a comprehensive feasibility analysis over you projected solar project and its daily, monthly and annual yields over the components entire Life cycle.